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David P. Minionis, Ph.D
Founder and President of Evolve Training & Consulting

This passionate, professional, and creative consultant has extensive experience in Professional and Organizational Effectiveness.  He plays an integral role as a trusted business advisor to many clients.  Dave consults with clients to determine their specific needs, and adapts training programs, interventions, and change efforts to fit their requirements.  His experience in developing leadership competencies, management capabilities, organizational change and team effectiveness brings a unique perspective to many organizations.  Dave helps people evolve; to grow to their full potential.  His expert training techniques are known for fostering interactive, engaging and fun teaching environments.

Dave received his Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Swarthmore College, in Swarthmore, Pa.  He received his Master's degree and his Doctorate degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, both from George Mason University in Fairfax, VA.  His educational background complimented by his organizational effectiveness experience provides him with a skill set that would be an asset to any organization.


Ron Prince

Ron specializes in executive training and development, and is known as an expert in the areas of leadership, team building, motivation, and development of interpersonal skills for senior leaders. As an executive coach, he facilitates one-on-one coaching sessions with corporate executives. He also facilitates planning sessions, executive off-site retreats, leadership workshops, motivational seminars, and organizational development interventions.

 Ron has an extensive background in international sales management. In this role, he was responsible for the worldwide sale of multi-million dollar development projects to companies in Beijing, Bangkok, Buenos Aires, London, Mexico, St. Petersburg, and Taiwan. Prior to this, Ron held a number of significant international sales management leadership roles in manufacturing and engineering organizations.

 Ron graduated with a BA from Baylor University. He is a certified executive coach and is credentialed to teach numerous interpersonal and sales process courses through leading providers of executive development curriculum.  He is certified in several emotional intelligence courses and has written a number of leadership, team building and communications curriculum.

Jennifer Shirkani

Jennifer has written and taught custom programs in a spectrum of subjects for multi-functional audiences and consults as a Performance Management and Organizational Development advisor.  She has customer service and sales related experience with pharmaceutical wholesalers, high-end retail department stores, and electronics manufacturers.  In addition, Jennifer has been a training provider and performance consultant for multiple organizations in industries such as manufacturing, insurance, oil production/exploration, distribution, defense, and senior living.

 Jennifer is a graduate of California State University, Fullerton, (B.S. in Human Development), and is enrolled in a Masters Degree program in Organizational Leadership program at Chapman University.

Michelle Zelsman

Michelle, a veteran storyteller, has communicated to the world as a journalist, advertising executive and public relation professional.  Her passion for technology combined with her reputation for clearly articulating complex stories has afforded her the luxury of working with leading organizations such as America Online and InfoWorld. It was in these environments where she applied her exemplary use of language to illustrate the ways technology increases the way Corporate America communicates, improves business productivity and realizes greater bottom line revenues.  As the former creative director for a technology-focused advertising agency she developed campaigns with one thing in mind-to sell.  Michelle reaches her client's target audience with substantive, concrete messages that demand action.

Carol Chazdon

Carol ("Chaz") is a consultant, facilitator, trainer and instructional.  She specializes in group facilitation, team building, and training design.  Chaz is known for producing results when she enters an organization through the method of   "process facilitation".  This supportive combination of coaching, consulting and training allows her to achieve concrete outcomes with employees to resolve conflicts, improve communication, or strategically plan for a desirable future.

Chaz brings a unique work ethic to each project.  Not only is getting the job done important, but how it is done is of prime concern.  Chaz endeavors to leave a lasting impression on clients and to produce quality results.  She strives to leave her clients better off than they were before.

Annette Hurley

As a professionally certified coach (PCC) through the international coach federation, Annette is a powerful Coach and Leader of Change and Learning.  She is a passionate champion of the coaching profession, fostering ongoing client partnerships that accelerate learning environments, integrating her expertise in the areas of personal and leadership coaching; facilitation; change management; and performance consulting.

Annette's experience is complemented with an M.A. in Human Resource Development (HRD) from Marymount University, a Bachelor's of Social Work (BSW) from Western Michigan University, and a Training Specialist Certificate from Georgetown University.

Ryan Tauscher

Ryan specializes in marketing consulting, where he develops print, electronic and audio/visual vehicles that maximizes the presence of Human Resource initiatives and enriches training experiences.  Ryan develops focused internal marketing campaigns that can kick off major initiatives, raise awareness of HR issues, increase training participation, and position HR as an integral part of the organization

Ryan also works with clients to create a professional look for training materials; from workbooks and handouts, to themed items such as name tents, and concept models. He also helps customers by taking PowerPoint presentations to the next level. By incorporating customized themes, graphics and animation, as well as audio and video content, he gives facilitators to ability to reinforce key issues and enhance the learning experience in new and dynamic ways.

Aaron Weissblum

Aaron is an innovative teacher, a creative artist, and a games maker extraordinaire.  When he taught math and science at the Waring School, an alternative high school with intense academic demands and a focus on the arts, he developed an experiential style of teaching based largely on games and experimental activities.   In 1993 he co-founded Charbanova, an art and design studio.  There he teamed with artists who helped to transform his arcane sketches into saleable pieces of art.   Aaron has also developed multiple board games for the consumer market and team building simulations for corporations.  Aaron graduated from Swarthmore College in 1986 with a degree in mathematics. It was here that he became fascinated with game theory, how people interact and art.

Richard Harding

Richard is a man of many hats.  He chose to forego early acceptance at several higher-ed institutions to travel in the spirit of the "Merry Pranksters."  He had stints at turkey farming, fire-control tower observation, horse breeding, and working under several well-known Boston chefs.  He finally settled on a position at Project Adventure, Inc., an internationally known non-profit Adventure-based experiential training company.  The goal was to create information, communication and knowledge-management systems for various organizations.  In addition to his technology responsibilities, he worked extensively on the Marketing/Sales strategies, as well as making major contributions to product development and methods for capturing and leveraging intellectual property.  Richard was born and raised on the North Shore of Boston, MA.

The Support Team

A highly qualified team of consultants and administrative assistants who work together to deliver superior quality training products and programs.

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